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Burnt Cabin Christian Camp
(June 11-16, 2023)

     This camp session is sponsored by Perkins Church of Christ and takes place at Burnt Cabin Christian Camp in Park Hill, Oklahoma close to Lake Tenkiller. This year's theme will be called "Lives Worth Living" and will focus on the inherent worth and purpose of the lives God has called us to. Please click here to begin a camp application. Our session is for ages 9 (or starting 4th grade) through 18.



The purpose and aim of Burnt Cabin Christian Camp is to make the camp a center for spiritual training; a facility where youth may receive a deeper consciousness of God in their personal lives. The camp offers activities to help youth gain knowledge and develop attitudes that will result in decisions to submit themselves to the Lord and live according to His teaching. We promote an appreciation for spiritual values and good morals, encourage Christian ideals, and the forming of genuine Christian friendships. 


COST: $240.00 (not including t-shirt)

PAYMENT: (click here to pay) be sure and make a note that it is for camp. Checks can accepted on the day of check in at camp or made out and mailed to :

           Perkins Church of Christ

           128 P.O. Box

           Perkins, Oklahoma 74059

 Click here for CAMP RULES.


General Information

Arrival: Camp will be open on June 11th from 2pm-4pm for check-in. 

Departure: Camp will end on June 16th at noon on Friday, not Saturday.

Camp phone number for emergencies-

(918) 671-1049

Camper Mail:

     Burnt Cabin Christian Camp

     (Name of your child)

     34902 S. 496 Rd

     Park Hill, OK 74451

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